Monasteries in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Monasteries

Some of the biggest Bulgarian treasures are its numerous monasteries, situated on unapproachable peaks, surrounded by amazing nature. Bulgarian monasteries are unique with their rich architecture, icons, and mural paintings, as well as with the legends and myths connected with some of them. Monasteries became centers of Slavic language and culture where national valuables were kept during the hard times for the country. Today, on the territory of the country there are about 160 operating monasteries and some of them are recognized as monuments of culture and architecture and they are included in UNESCO list.

8 - DAY of Bulgarian Monasteries tour

DAY 1Meeting at Sofia Airport and accommodation in a hotel.
DAY 2Visit to The Boyana Church and then departure for Rila Monastery, an architectural monument and a treasure house of cultural and artistic valuables, included in UNESCO list. Accommodation in Sofia.
DAY 3Visit to The Bachkovo Monastery, and then visit to the architectural reserve “The Old Plovdiv”. Accommodation in the town.
DAY 4Set off for Sokolski Monastery Holy Mother's Assumption, famous with its struggle for church autonomy. After that you will visit the Etar Architectural-Ethnographic Complex – Gabrovo, where you can see the architecture, lifestyle and craftsmanship from the past of the town of Gabrovo and Gabrovo region during the Bulgarian Revival. The next is a visit to the architectural reserve Tryavna, where the group will spend the night.
DAY 5On the 5th day you are about to visit Kilifarevo Monastery and Dryanovo Monastery, as well as the town of Veliko Tarnovo, one of the oldest Bulgarian capitals with unique architecture. Accommodation in the town.
DAY 6Visit to the unique Rock-hewn Churches of Ivanovo, near the village of Ivanovo, county of Ruse, hewn out in the solid rock. The group will return to the town of Veliko Tarnovo, where it will have the opportunity to visit some of the numerous sights of the town.
DAY 7During the seventh day of the tour you will visit Troyan Monastery, situated in the picturesque fascinating nature of Troyan Balkan. The next stop of the rout is one of the most interesting and picturesquely situated monasteries in Balkan mountain range - The Glozhene Monastery “St. George the Victorious”, which resembles of a castle. Departure for Sofia.
DAY 8Transfer to Sofia Airport.

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