Thracian tombs

Thracian tomb

The ancient Thracians are considered to be the oldest inhabitants of the region of nowadays Bulgaria. According to ancient historian Herodotus they were the most numerous people after the Indians. There are Thracian tombs throughout the whole territory of Bulgaria. Unfortunately most of them were plundered long ago, but though unique works of art have been found in those which have stood the brunt of ages and plunders. The mural paintings in the Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak, Panagyurishte gold treasure, Vulchitrun treasure and Rogozen treasure are just a small part that gives account for the Thracians’ achievements. A number of their Gods such as Dionysus, Asclepius, Bendida, etc. were accepted by the Greeks and Romans and decorated their pantheons. A Thracian was also the mythical singer and hero Orpheus and if you find yourself in the ancient forests of his home – the Rhodopes you will believe he is still there, wandering alone with his harp and mourning about his beloved Eurydice.

10 - DAY of Thracian tombs tour

DAY 1Meeting at Sofia Airport and accommodation in a hotel
DAY 2Visit to Rila Monastery, an architectural monument and a treasure house of cultural and artistic valuables, included in UNESCO list. Set off for the town-museum of Koprivshtitsa - a town that still keeps the characteristic features of the Bulgarian National Revival town, a rich history, lifestyle and folklore. Accommodation in the town
DAY 3Visit to the second biggest monastery in Bulgaria - the Bachkovo Monastery. After the visit to the monastery you are about to have an exiting stroll in the architectural reserve “The Old Plovdiv”. Accommodation in the town.
DAY 4Visit to the rock sanctuary near the village of Tatul, where it is supposed the mythic hero Orpheus was buried. Then the group will set off for the ancient Thracian city of Perperikon, which dates back to 6-5 c. B.C. the significance of that monument is so grand that archeologists compare it with The Pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge. The group will spend the night in the town of Kardzhali.
DAY 5On this day you will visit the Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak, found by mere accident in 1944 in the north-eastern part of Kazanlak, which is a spectacular monument of Thracian art from the Early Hellenistic Age in our lands. Here, you will also visit “The Museum of Rose”, a symbol of Kazanlak. The next exciting stop will be the Valley of the Thracian Kings and the Big Kosmatka mound, here one of the oldest ancient Thracian temples in the world was found.
DAY 6Departure to the Etar Architectural-Ethnographic Complex, where you will see preserved the architecture, lifestyle and craftsmanship from the Bulgarian Revival Period. On the next day you will visit one of the oldest capitals of Bulgaria – Veliko Tarnovo and Tsarevets Fortress, and you will have the opportunity to walk around the Samovodska charshia, famous with its authentic workshops of different masters.
DAY 7Visit to the tomb near the village of Sveshtari. It is a Thracian- Hellenistic tomb from the first half of ІІІ c. B.C. This is a royal tomb and probably the Getae king, Dromichaetes, was buried there. Then you will visit the town of Varna – the Roman Thermae, built in II century, then one of the symbols of the town – The Cathedral of the Virgin Mary. Visit to the Archeological Museum and Dolphinarium in the town.
DAY 8In the morning you will visit the architectural monumen called the Madara Rider, and then  you will set off for the Kabile village in the Yambol district where the capital city of the ancient Thracians was allegedly located. Next you have a night's stay in the town of Yambol.
DAY 9On the last day you will visit the Thracian tomb in the village of Starosel, the biggest one found so far. You will visit the architectural reserve Koprivshtitsa before going back to Sofia.
DAY 10Transfer to Sofia Airport.

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