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We have the pleasure to introduce you our company.

   Established in the year of 1993 the “Stoychev & son” company is growing with every past year. Its main activity is transport servicing of travelers. Since the company has started in that business in the year of 1999 with providing the transportation for the "European culture month” in Plovdiv the company has specialized in logistic of the tourist transport. We successfully made some NATO exercises in Piovdiv: "Cooperative key” 2001, 2003 and 2005; the Queen air force exercise “Lone cat' 2002, for the USA land forces – “Corner stone” 2002, for the USA air forces - "Sentry Lion” 2006 and "Immediate response” 2006, “Hawk'07 2007”

   We successfully collaborate in the transport providing of sports events with Bulgarian sports federations: “World chess championship” - Plovdiv 2003; “World fencing championship” - Plovdiv 2004; “Preolympic training Athens 2004”; “European rowing championship” - Plovdiv 2004; “Balkans horse riding championship 2005”.

   Our business partners are: Sankt Petersburg Hotel, Novotel Plovdiv Hotel, Bulgaria Hotel, Royal Hotel, Aliance Francais, Plovdiv International Fair, Grippen lnternational BAE Systems and more than 30 corporative clients.

   In the field of the tourist sctivity we collaborate with "Balkan VIP Touts”, “Marbro tours”, “Parr Travel”, “On Travel”, “Astrella", “Tourist council Varna and Plovdiv”, “International Events”- Sofia, “Alma holidays” and more than 10 smaller tourist agencies.

   The company is able to provide all kind of transportation, like rental cars,  minibuses and buses, as well as heavy vehicles, platforms, forklifts, and heavy load vehicles.

   As an additional service to our clients we provide interpreters and travel guides. The company is available to out clients 24 hours a day. A technical team is working non-stop for Your problemless traveling.



Dimitar Stoychev


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