Classic Cutrural TourMonasteries
Situated on a crossroad of cultures and civilizations, one of the oldest countries in Europe, Bulgaria keeps in its lands an opulent cultural heritage.
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Some of the biggest Bulgarian treasures are its numerous monasteries, situated on unapproachable peaks, surrounded by amazing nature.
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UNESCO HeritageHistorical Tour
On the territory of our country hundreds of sites are pronounced for cultural monuments of national, regional and local significance. Eight of them are recognized as unique monuments of worldwide significance, a priceless possession not only for Bulgaria but also for the whole mankind.
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Found in 681, Bulgaria is one of the oldest European countries. But even with its 13-century tradition in fact it is a mere “baby” comparing with the history of the civilization in nowadays Bulgarian lands.
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Architectural TourThracian Tombs
The numerous architectural reserves in Bulgaria with their romantic aura lead the visitor more than a century back in time. They provide a sufficiently good idea about Bulgarian construction genius.
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The ancient Thracians are considered to be the oldest inhabitants of the region of nowadays Bulgaria. According to ancient historian Herodotus they were the most numerous people after the Indians. There are Thracian tombs throughout the whole territory of Bulgaria.
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