The Municipality of Bourgas is located in the South-eastern part of the Republic of Bulgaria, occupies an area of 468 sq.km. and has a population of 240 000 people.

The sea as a living and a romance has urged the citizens of the ancient Greek colonies Apolonia and Anchialo to look for a living and protection in the comfortable Black Sea bay.

The earlier signs of life in the crossroad location can be traced back to bronze and the beginning of the iron age.

 There are many interesting natural and tourist sites on its territory. The mineral spas and the resort by them are 15 km Northerners of the town. To the South of Bourgas is the Park Otmanli. The isle St Anastasia is located in the Bourgas Bay near the cape Atia. The Atanasovsko lake, became a reserve and was included in the list of Ramsar sites in 1976; the site Poda which became protected area in 1989 with the purpose of preserving the natural habitats of a large number of water birds and nest colonies, included in the Red Book of the Republic of Bulgaria; the protected area Vaya, included in the list of ornithological important locations in Europe, add to creating the full image of the municipality and the town as a region which successfully combines contemporary urbanism with natural preserved sites.

 In spite of the concentration of a large industrial conglomerate around Bourgas, the conditions are created for serious changes in people's environmental culture, the protection and development of environment. Bourgas is a part of the Union of the European towns for sustainable development.



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