Plovdiv is one of the oldest centres in Europe. It has kept the traces of many ancient cultures. Thracians, Macedonians, Romans, Slavs, Byzantines and Bulgarians demonstrated their skills and craftmanship on the hills where Plovdiv is situated today. Public and private buildings with impressive dimensions have been preserved.

So are the marble stadium, the open-air theatre and other monuments. Trimontium, Julia, Ulpia, Flavia, Poulpoudeva, Filipopolis - these are different variants of one and the same name - Plovdiv. Friends and enemies came and went.

Some of them contributed to the prosperity of the town, others ruined ruthlessly the created. Some came, others went, years passed but the town has always been alive with the people who have created a lot and who will create in the future.

Today, Plovdiv is the major administrative centre of Plovdiv region. It is the second important cultural and economic centre of Bulgaria. Plovdiv begins from the excavations of the forum of the central square in front of Trimontium Hotel and includes a street formed as a pedestrian zone with a lot of taste and leading to the ancient stadium.



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