The landscape diversity (from 0-2.295 m altitude) and the suitable climate in Bulgaria are a good prerequisite for the development of winter sports. Bulgarian winter resorts offer an interesting combination of virgin forests and excellent ski facilities, modern hotels and a great number of opportunities for amusement.


The infatuating vehemence of kayak and the pure adrenaline – this is the answer to the adventure-seeker’s quest. Kayaking downstream deep river gorges will draw you into a whirlpool of incredible sensations and emotions. Challenges are waiting for you along the rivers of Struma and Iskar. The programs offered are individual.
With our kayaking tours we offer you not only to see the beautiful views of Bulgarian nature but also to experience a thrilling adventure! The only thing we require from you is to know how to swim!

Our tours are for experienced seekers of extreme sensations as well as for beginners. The routs are of different level of difficulty, so you can choose a rout, which suits your skills. You may plunge into the waters of the two of the biggest rivers in Bulgaria – Struma and Iskar, some of the splendid Bulgarian lakes, or to enjoy our northern or southern coast of the Black Sea. An interesting opportunity is kayaking along Danube. You will have the time of your life! Each day you will be at a different place, you will enjoy the wild nature of Bulgarian mountains. During your tour you will visit some of the most interesting places in the region! During the whole time you will be close to the native people, you will feel their heartiness and hospitality! Go with the stream with kayaking tour in Bulgaria!

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